Tom Lehman has provided various tips to become successful in golf. And leaving aside who turns in the better score, professional golfer Tom Lehman says we’ll all be, well, potentially better for the game.

Back in the 1990s, Tom was briefly ranked the number-one golfer in the world. And he’s won five teams on the PGA Tour, the winner of the Phoenix Open, darn near, at least twice, Tom, on the U.S. Open. Tom says it is an open-and-shut case; these things are good.

All right, place your bets. Who claims more mulligans, the president or the speaker? Barack Obama, John Boehner, they’re hitting the links this weekend.


Playing golf on the great lawn is very essential and there are many tips for maintaining that. It doesn’t matter if most homes nearby are only 800 square feet or more than 4,000; either community can have lawns that could appear in gardening magazines or some that look to have grass more crabby than Kentucky blue.

It seems there are three types of homeowners when it comes to lawn care. Some take great pride in their yards and work hard to maintain them. They fertilize, rake, aerate, water and mow regularly, or pay someone else to do it. Many municipal golf courses don’t look as nice.

Other people really don’t give much thought to their lawns. They might cut them every week or two, especially if neighbors complain, but really give them very little thought — or water.

During dry summers, it is not unusual for much of the lawn to turn yellow and go dormant. And that’s fine with these types of homeowners — they won’t have to mow it if it isn’t growing. As for weeds, as long as there is still a good amount of grass in there with the dandelions, these homeowners are OK.