Webb Simpson Says He Thrives Under Pressure

Having broken through amongst the elite of the world of golf last season, American golfer Webb Simpson seems to be extremely comfortable playing on the prestigious PGA Tour but according to the 26 year old native of the American state of North Carolina, it is not necessarily the best thing that has happened to him.

According to Simpson, the ability to play sharp golf comes not from being comfortable playing on the Tour but from the ability to overcome the nerves when the going gets tough. Speaking about his assessment, Simpson stated that as an athlete, it is extremely important to be able to perform with the nerves under a tough situation and that is what separates the good players from the great ones.

But he also added that when one has been in a spot of bother plenty of times in his career, he begins to stop feeling the nerves, the pressure. Webb Simpson reflected on how he hit some of the worst shots of his career when he was feeling the least nerves and the times he played well was when he was under tremendous pressure.

He exemplified what he meant by describing a hole where that has a really tough tee shot or a tough putt but one tends to perform well in these situations when the pressure levels are enormous. He generalized by saying when the anxiety level is extremely high, it is when the athletes tend to do better. He accepted that it might not be the same for all athletes but he believed in the fact that athletes, belonging to whatever sport always seem to thrive under pressure and the best moments in sport history are created by pressure.

Regardless of his assessment, Webb Simpson doesn’t seem to be under any pressure at the moment but his performances are well on top.