Poulter calls for Olympic golf change

Flamboyant English golfer Ian Poulter spoke ahead of his preparations for the US Open this week to discuss Golf’s return to the Olympic games at the 2016 tournament in Brazil.

The London 2012 committee had hoped for a return thus year but it has been postponed till the next games. The thirty six year old golfing pro believes that the current plan which will see the game return in a standard seventy two hole tournament for individual stroke play where the winner will be decided on shots is not the best option for the game as he feel that with the majority of Olympic sports being an individual pursuit, Poulter thinks that golf should not use its most frequently used format.

The Englishman from Hertfordshire stated his thoughts that the Olympic committee should adopt a match play format for the games as this would differentiate it from the other Olympic sports and provide more entertainment for the fans, who Poulter believes have little interest in a saturated market for individual stroke play tournaments where only the Majors receive high levels of coverage.

By creating a head to head style match up Poulter reckons that the one on one approach would capture people’s imagination and create more drama for television watchers around the world. Poulter is one of the best match play players having won the Volvo world match play tournament last year and a regular victor in Ryder cup match play games.

In fact his victory at the World golf championship which is also match play in 2010 was the reason for his automatic qualification that year and he is hoping to do the same. It is thus hard to look beyond the personal benefits of such a change to the Olympic format, but still, Poulter’s viewpoint does seem compelling and will hopefully be considered ahead of the games.