Matt Kuchar starts World Golf Challenge

Till now it has been a very consistent and decent season for golfer Matt Kuchar. This season, the American pro had missed just one cut on PGA Tour that reveals his level of consistency. Still he could not hit a low round at the Sherwood Golf Club. In fact, the level of his performance was below standard for a golfer like him.

This season, Matt Kuchar snatched the Players Championship and this shows the level of skill he has, but shooting 1-over-73 was a bit was not satisfactory. He was in a bit of trouble when USGA stated that the rules have been made to stop the belly putter shot. Even though, Matt does not use any long putter, but the way he putts, is quite similar to anchoring. But after a clarification, Matt and his putting were all good.

He stated that he was always very confident. He controls both the ends of the club and he assumes this is what everyone was looking for. Matt was also in favor to ban the belly putter. He thinks that it hardly gives any kind of advantage to golfers.

He told that an anchored putter or putting with a belly is a skill. He attempted this for around six weeks at the start of the 2012 season and he really did not feel that he got batter. He struggled to figure out what he would do if he misses putts in certain directions.