Olympic Conundrum erks McIlroy

Jarred by the problems of politics mingled up with his personal ones too, Rory McIlroy has thought if there was a team from Northern Ireland qualified for playing in the Olympics he would go be a part of it, blindfolded. Because that it his birthplace.

But to make things tough, no such team exists. Instead, the players are asked to either be on the Ireland team or The Great Britain Team because in the Olympics the history behind Ireland and Northern Ireland separating up has totally gone unnoticed. To top it all, McIlroy made almost a ‘loose’ comment that he felt ‘more British than Irish’ when he should have been aware of the political history of his birthplace, Northern Ireland.

Hence Rory McIlroy is left with only three options, either play for Great Britain or play for Ireland or just drop the Olympics participation. Given the situation so tense that it can burn up an entire nation, Rory McIlroy is totally convinced that words once spoken is like an arrow off the bow. Little did Rory know that a simple statement where he tried to identify himself as both an Irish as well as a British could lead to such an aftermath? The actual situation is that Northern Ireland is a separate nation with its own identity.

Even the critics are trying hard to dilute what he said because they are afraid of the bloodshed due to partition of Ireland to recur. Rory McIlroy is totally in a fix after his twitter tweets where he was compelled to make a little statement about his 2016 plan, about which team to choose. What Dervin has to say is that Rory should better skip the Olympics itself so that peace prevails everywhere and the minimum number of people from the three nations would be cross.