Tiger won’t break Nicklaus’ record

Scottish golfer Colin Montgomerie has adamantly stated that there is no way world number one Tiger Woods will break Jack Nicklaus’ record of major wins at the end of his career.

The American was on his way to matching the legendary golfer’s record of 18 wins in major championships when he claimed his 14th major title back in 2008 but he is yet to win a single major title since his highly publicized fall from grace, both on the course and off it.

And although he has climbed back to the top of the Official Golf World Rankings, Tiger has failed to display any of the killer instinct or the class that were on show on a regular basis during his all conquering days and has often displayed a lack of motivation, falling off the pace towards the end of a major event.

And the Scotsman Colin Montgomerie, who has enough experience of playing against arguably one of the greatest if not the greatest golfer of his generation in Woods, believes that there is no way that Tiger will achieve the record he was a hands down favorite to achieve even a few years back.

Nicklaus himself stated in a recent interview that he still believes Tiger will break his record eventually but according to Montgomerie, the Golden Bear was just trying to be diplomatic and avoiding controversy. Montgomerie believes that whatever chances the 37 year old had of breaking Nicklaus’s record has gone now.

He mentioned that with the field in major championships at this time – the level of competition and the number of top level golfers that play in majors, the chance of Tiger claiming five more titles are next to none. Colin Montgomerie has also stated that the standard at the moment will prevent Tiger from breaking the record.

Major win hasn’t changed Jason Dufner

US PGA Championship winner Jason Dufner was extremely determined not to be changed by his first major success earlier in the month and by the looks to things, the American seems to have gotten his wish granted.

The American claimed his first major title earlier in the month at Oak Hill but the 36 year old still has his feet firmly planted on the ground. He changed his phone number about three weeks back and as a result, not many people had his personal mobile number, explained the American.

Bo Jackson and Charles Barkley were two famous athletes who texted him congratulating him on his success, and went on to add that most of the other people who sent congratulatory texts after his major win are people he keeps in touch with in any case.

He added that not much has changed in his life and Jason Dufner admitted that he still takes out the trash and it is also his responsibility to get up in the middle of the night to take their new puppy to the bathroom.

Dufner lives in a small town and according to him, the town endured some whirlwind moments immediately after his win and he had to spend some time in New York doing some time with the media but added that he lives in a small town and he hasn’t had to deal with too much since he returned home to Auburn. Dufner also stated that he still goes to his favorite breakfast spot in town even after that major success.

Jason Dufner is confident of adding more titles to his name and mentioned that he is not trying to put too much pressure on himself and is just trying to play the golf he has been playing for the last couple of years.