Is Tiger Woods losing his touch?

With Tiger Woods not competing in the forthcoming Masters, the first thing that comes to anybody’s mind is that won’t the tournament suffer because of the absence of the 4 times champion. It definitely is a big deal that Tiger Woods will not be competing in the next week’s Augusta; nevertheless the Masters is a much bigger concept than a single player.

This recent injury of Woods, which has kept him out of the Master for the first time in twenty years sure is a major setback for him. This definitely will have a toll on his chances of surpassing the record of Jack Nicklaus of bagging eighteen major championship titles. More than breaking Sam Snead’s record of 82 PGA Tours or winning FedEx Cups or to earn bigger, the main reason why Tiger still plays on is to break Nicklaus’s record. And this year’s Masters was important for him which was supposed to draw an end to his 6 years of no win drought.

Woods had managed to bag 6 wins out of 14 in major courses of 2014. Although there was implausible depth in the game, nevertheless it was quite a bet that Tiger was sure to win no less than one course. However post his surgery, nothing is certain about how his further seasons. The back surgery he is going to undergo this week is an add-on calamity to his long list of injuries in the past several years, which can derail his career path, which is just a shame.

This major setback has taken a toll on Tiger’s confidence, since he doesn’t practically have a lot of majors in his kitty to break Nicklaus’s record and be a top contender. However at the end of the day what will be remembered most about the ace golfer is not whether he broke the record of Nicklaus but the things he tried and went through to get it.