Kim’s New Hairstyle Goes Viral

Hope you might be remembering the popular American golfer and Ryder Cup winner Anthony Kim.

The golf course’s Bigfoot Kim is an elusive man on the golf scene, but has been spotted quite a few times in the So & So’s Dallas bar or in a penthouse at the Ritz-Carlton in Dallas or in the Madison Club ranch in California.

All that is known about Anthony Kim is that he has not teed in a PGA tour event since 2012. He is alienated from the game now and even his handlers are not having a conversation with him. Kim, the 31 year old American golfer, looks pretty relaxed and calm whenever he is spotted in the crowd and gone on with his daily life as usual.

The latest from Kim is that he was spotted in a Dallas pet store and was also snapped. This photograph is all over the internet and many are looking at this snap with awed interest. The reason was his new hairdo.

This American has had a miserable time with injuries and has undergone six or seven surgeries in the past three and a half years. But, he looks quite spirited and worry free and there is no hint from his side that he would be returning to the PGA events. His last interview in 2015 revealed that he did not play even a round of golf for the last 18 months.

Kim in his hay days was three time PGA tour winner and an important member of the 2008 US Ryder Cup victory team. He achieved this feat at the age of 23. He now has added a lot of hair and some more tattoos and was all smiles in the recent photo that went viral. His fans and well wishers hope to spot this true American champion on the golf course very soon.