Third-Grade Girl Of Alabama Is Making Waves On Boys Golf Team Varsity

Move over, Michelle Wie and Lexi Thompson, both of you have got company, and she is just 9-years-old.

The Anna Christian Becker, the native of Tuscaloosa, Ala is studying in the third grade at Tuscaloosa Academy and interestingly already suiting up for the varsity boys’ golf team of the school. According to the reports, in Alabama state history, Becker is believed to be the youngest high school varsity athlete and also one of the youngest nationwide.

Unlike the public school governing body of the state, the Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) that bans all athletes of a younger age than seventh grade from competing at the high school level, the Alabama Independent School Association (AISA) is allowing any student athlete who is talented enough to take part to suit up. Tuscaloosa Academy is a member Alabama Independent School Association and thus opening the way emergence of Becker while she is still in elementary school.

Becker with her steady and consistent rounds has earned her spot on the team. According to the News, she shoots below 100 and drives the ball routinely more than 180 yards. She is younger to her brother both in age as well as at the age of joining the sport. Her brother William was in fifth grade when he joined the TA, but the early season of opponent of Becker already indicates that she perfectly in on the varsity level.

Luke Agent, the Madison-Ridgeland Academy junior told that “She was mature for a third-grader. When I first saw her, I thought she is like sixth or seventh grade student. Until I asked her about her class, I was in the same perception.”

“She played close with me, and she beat the other guy in our group very easily.”

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